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After a wakeup call as a 25-year-old, Tim began a journey of personal healing. This book is the result. With personal stories, professional examples, inspiring illustrations and super-vulnerable openness, Tim gets in the trenches of life with you, formulating the Energizer’s Roadmap!

• Want more out of life?
• Needing to overcome an obstacle or barrier?
• Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or drained?
• Struggling with depression or loneliness?
• Hurting from past emotional wounds?
• Feeling insecure or inferior?
• Know what to do, but lack motivation to do it?
• Struggling in reaching your goals?
• Want to improve your energy?
• Want to feel enthusiastic every day?
• Want to experience harmony in all relationships?

Statistics tell us people get stressed, anxious and overwhelmed – burnout is high. People are saying, “I wish I had more energy.” And, in our technologically-advanced culture, we’re plugged in – constantly being drained. We all wish for a tad more energy. Deep down, we all want to maximize our potential and have an impact in the years of our life. We want to live, but not just live. We want to enjoy the experience of feeling fully awakened to life! People long to thrive!

“This book gives us the manual for abundant life and authentic leadership; it's a roadmap to hope and healing. It teaches three practical and powerful steps to making peace with our past and plans for our future, so that we can thrive, fully present, today!"

In these pages, you'll learn:

• How to regulate and replenish your personal energy.
• How to tap into powerful resources of energy deep within and expel the swindlers of energy from your life.
• How to thrive knowing who you are and enhancing your vision for life.
• How to wake up giddy each morning with an abundant mentality.
• How to implement small, daily repeatable habits that run on autopilot to replenish your energy.
• How to evaluate your life’s wholeness and simply build and fortify your inner fullness.
• How to live fully present today and every day with passion, vibrancy and enthusiasm.
• How to heal past hurts and wounds to create raving fans among family, friends, business partners and clients.
• How to be an attractive source of light in life.
• How to experience deep joy living fully and loving deeply!
• How to be an authentic Energizer!